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The Financer:

It was a humble start. In 1920, a 15 year old boy set to tackle the world with 80 Saudi Riyals worth of textile collateral by his father to be paid after one year. Loading his textile on a friend of a family camel. He left Al-Harma village heading to a village of Al-Artawiyah, to start his business there. That was the founder Sheikh Mohammed Saad Aldrees.

Six months later, young Mohammed was able to pay back the 80 Saudi Riyals. At the same time, he expanded to other commodities such as coffee, tea, sugar and rice. He continued to expand and diversified in the 20’s.

During the 30’s, he got married and as business developed he started trading live stocks such as sheep, goats etc. He also started transportation by camels, mainly with the government. He was transporting parcels, government mails as well as the payroll from Al-Majma village to Hafr Al-Baten village.

In the early 40’s, he purchased his first truck, as a start, to replace his camel transport business. In 1957 he opened his first gas station, which consisted of four barrels and one hose for supplying gasoline.

In 1958, his son Abdulmohsen the present Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer joined him at an early age. During the same year Mohammed Saad Aldrees, the founder retired and handed over business operations to his sons.

During the 60’s, business developed more trucks were purchased. Gas station division expanded. Branches within Riyadh were opened for the divisions of the company. In 1962, the "Mohammed Saad Aldrees and Sons Company" was formed with Mohammed, the father and the 4 sons Saad, Hamad, Abdullah and Abdulmohsen. Abdulmohsen went to the US to further his education, there he studied a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida and went on to complete his Masters in the same field, specialising in Heat Transfer. Upon graduating in 1977 he returned to the Kingdom.

In 2001, Abdulmohsen was recognized as one of the Greatest Minds of the Twenty First Century for Remarkable Achievements in the Field of Bio-Engineering.

In 2010, by the Grace of Allah, he had the greatest honour of establishing and financing the "Engineer Abdulmohsen bin Mohammed Aldrees Chair for the Biography of the Prophet and its Contemporary Studies".